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Sworn Translations

Sworn translations aim at validating documents in another language, or that are in Portuguese in foreign territory. In this way a Spanish marriage certificate only has legal value in Brazil if accompanied by a sworn translation. Such requirement aims at preventing tampering or distortions of document contents. The Sworn Translator activity is regulated by Decree 13.609/43.

Technical Translation

Any translation that requires specific area experience in addition to knowledge of the language. Ex. Legal texts, will be translated by a translator that is an attorney.

Consular/Notary Services (Notarial)

Whenever needed and if desired by our customers we are able to render consular and notary services (service charged in separate). The legalization of documents is a formality that confirms the authenticity of a document regarding the identity of the signatory.

 Legalization of the Brazilian Consular Authority is required for a document originated in Brazil to have effects abroad (SLRC). Such legalization of documents is given by the Foreign Affairs Ministry - MRE. Some countries require certain documents to also contain certification of the consular office of the country of destination, issued by the diplomatic representation in Brazil. 

When the original documents are produced abroad, these must also be consularized in the country in which they were issued, where a Brazilian diplomatic representation is present. 


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